Code @ Hootsuite

Behind the Scenes at Hootsuite: the technology, the challenges, the people

Engineering at Hootsuite

Engineering at Hootsuite is about building elegant solutions and pioneering new social technologies. It means owning products from concept to launch, fearlessly sharing big ideas, and seeing your code make an immediate impact.


Learn New Technologies

We don’t just use new technologies, frameworks, and programming languages – we teach them. You’ll work with bright minds, soak up the smarts, and get wiser (yes, like an owl) each day.

Ghost Busters

Work in Real Time

Our development cycle is fast. Writing code in our sandbox means you’ll continuously push code and see it working for millions of people around the globe.

Scala Study Group
Scala Study Group

Embrace Change

We’re all about keeping things fresh and exciting. You’ll have every opportunity to dive into new projects and get a change of scenery so you can stay on top of your game.

Keep in Touch


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