Code @ Hootsuite

Behind the Scenes at Hootsuite: the technology, the challenges, the people

Paul Kim

Paul Kim

  • Studying Software Engineering at University of Waterloo (2017)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (May 2015 – September 2015)
  • Joined our Dashboard Buzz  (Customer Happiness) team
  • Worked with PHP, Javascript, HTML/LESS
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn


My key contributions

  • Implemented removal functionality for in-dashboard shared streams.
  • Rewrote login verification logic to meet security compliance.
  • Developed enhancements and resolved multiple major bugs related to our billing system, security, and product dashboard.
  • Gave a Lightning Talk on Survival 101

My experience

My previous co-op experiences consisted of 3 places: the government, a 6-person startup, and a very large corporate company. For my fourth co-op term, I was searching for a well-known company with a startup vibe. Hootsuite was the exact company I was looking for. From day 1, I already knew I’d have an amazing time.

As a co-op engineer in Hootsuite, you take on tasks no different from what your co-workers are working on. You are given the opportunity to make significant contributions that have an impact on millions of product users. It sounds daunting, but it truly is an amazing experience because you get to learn so much.

Working at Hootsuite gave me ample opportunities to hone my technical skills. The learning opportunities were endless. I was always surrounded by passionate and approachable co-workers in an encouraging and supportive work environment. Their passion for work was so strong that it became… contagious – I enjoyed the work I was doing. But also because it made a difference.

Overall, I loved my time here. 10/10.

Like what you see?

We’d love to work with you. Speak to your co-op advisor and check out our careers page.


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