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Kamil Khan


  • B.Com Candidate studying in Business and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2083)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (January – August 2016)
  • Joined the Data Lab team
  • Worked with Scala utilizing the Akka frameworks, interacting with AWS technologies
  • Worked with @ElThue and @ypodeswa
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His Key Contributions

  • Collaborated with Hootsuite’s Data Lab team to create a data pipeline for aggregating, cleaning and unifying Hootsuite’s various data streams
  • Assisted in migration towards a new Scala-based microservice responsible for performing ETLs user activity statistics
  • Added new marketing metrics for member and organization stream-usage
  • Ensured continued data quality during Hootsuite’s plan restructuring

In his Words

I started to school hoping to explore the converging worlds of finance and the technological revolution which is transforming it, and began to realize a pattern. In a sector where information is priceless, big data is supplying large profits to those able to able to gain insights from the organized chaos. Intrigued, and yearning to learn more, I joined Hootsuite to learn how technology companies turn data into information, and the trends to look out for in this fast-moving field.

On my first day at Hootsuite, I thrown immediately into a new initiative to provide data for a new analytical platform being rolled out to project managers and analysts. I was lucky enough to experience the entire lifecycle of the project, and contribute to all facets of the pipeline. Throughout this initiative, I have gained an understanding and appreciation for the dangers and nuances in data-related infrastructure design, and peeked under the veil covering the black-box of data-processing.

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