Code @ Hootsuite

Behind the Scenes at Hootsuite: the technology, the challenges, the people

Jason Dippel

Jason Dippel


My contributions

  • Involved in work required to add Instagram to Hootsuite
  • Fixed major security vulnerability with regards to publishing on all the main social networks
  • Improved onboarding flow and management of users for enterprise level organizations
  • Helped come up with and plan improvements to new feature dark launching service
  • Fixed bugs related to key internal features and the dashboard

My experience

My co-op has been the perfect way to spend the summer. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about Web development and talk with professionals about new technologies such as React and Flux, all while working with a great group of people in a very social company.

The great onboarding program here has allowed me to dive right into the code in my first week. I had the opportunity to work on a new team of developers tasked with improving the internal tools available to other employees. Working on such a small team allowed me to work on all aspects of the code, from frontend design to backend architecture. I was able to own key features and develop them from start to finish, and demo some of them in front of the entire Product Engineering team.

The extremely social and positive culture makes work that much more enjoyable, and really went a long way towards me feeling comfortable at the office. I was able to participate in many social outings with the company, including archery tag and a weekend camping trip. Hootsuite has given me the opportunity to learn about all the aspects of the development cycle and make valuable friendships along the way.

Like what you see?

We’d love to work with you. Speak to your co-op advisor and check out our careers page.


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