Code @ Hootsuite

Behind the Scenes at Hootsuite: the technology, the challenges, the people

Ionut-Marian Radu

My contributions

  • Built a top stories application that gets all the URLs found on Twitter, saves them in database and sorts them using different heuristics
  • Built a mechanism that updates the scores of the URLs saved in database every hour
  • Added an endpoint to retrieve top stories based on advanced queries (e.g.: A or B not C)
  • Made it very scalable so it can process all the URLs found on Twitter

My experience

Coming at Hootsuite was the best experience I have had so far! I couldn’t imagine that I would find a team full of wonderful people who not only did they help me at everything I needed, but they also were like school colleagues to me, therefore, I saw this experience as going to work with some friends and colleagues at a school project that we really enjoy working at.

The most exciting part of the internship was that I coded in Python, even though I did not know too much about it, so I learned something new every day. Using Python, I built two applications from zero, one by myself and one with the other intern, so I discovered how easy or hard it can be to build a project from scratch.

During this summer, I improved not only my coding skills in Python, but I also learned a lot of new technologies that helped me experiment all the possible scenarios for the project. I am really happy that I worked here with these wonderful people and doing this interesting projects!

Farewell Hootsuite!

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