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Behind the Scenes at Hootsuite: the technology, the challenges, the people

Brittany Roesch

Brittany Roesch



My contributions

  • Built an application to display current and historical uptime of our Streaming system using the Play Framework and Scala
  • Helped to move our entire twitter streaming infrastructure to Amazon AWS
  • Federated queues in RabbitMQ to support integration from consumers in different AWS regions
  • Implemented ZooKeeper to coordinate and monitor our distributed streaming infrastructure to ensure all parts are working and recovering as expected
  • Published a blog post about her work with ZooKeeper

My experience

Hootsuite has been one of those companies that has always been on my radar. I had heard many great things in the tech world about the culture, work and people that make up Hootsuite so when the opportunity to work here came up, I jumped on it.

Hootsuite was such a great experience. The people there are so incredibly talented, intelligent and friendly. Everyone is one big team there, all supportive of each other and each having the same goal in mind. There is a buzz there that I haven’t experienced at a job before. You are surrounded by extremely passionate people who love coming to work everyday and it is such an amazing environment to be a part of.

During my term, I had the opportunity to learn a new language (Scala) and work on a very complex, but rewarding, distributed system. Everyone is very supportive and helpful and they are a huge factor in how much I have learnt during my 8 months. Hootsuite has trust in everyone here, so you can count on having a voice and actually being heard. It is a great place to grow as an engineer and to gain and develop both technical and non-technical skills.

If you are passionate about this industry and the work you do, are willing to learn, motivated to constantly contribute to a super cool product and want to work in a fast-paced, encouraging and fun environment, then Hootsuite is the place for you. Working at Hootsuite is being a part of a really unique culture and I definitely recommend it as a great place to work, where you will meet tons of talented and interesting people and will be challenged and inspired every single day.

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