I always enjoy meeting eager prospective candidates and representing my company in public. I love sharing what I do and hearing unfiltered perspectives from real people in my field. When I’m looking at a company, that’s what I want to hear about – not forced enthusiasm about foosball tables or similar perks by an executive or manager, but real stories about the work and the environment. With that in mind, when it was our turn to pitch at Techfest, we wanted the audience to hear directly from someone who’s in a position they’re aiming for.


To me, what always set Hootsuite apart and what makes me love coming to work everyday has always been trust – the trust that our team has in one another.

My Pitch

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Marshall, and I’m a software engineer at Hootsuite.

Why you should join Hootsuite made me think about what made me join 2 years ago.

I did four coops over 5 years during my degree. One of my colleagues said that working coops is a bit like trying different flavours of ice cream: you try different flavours until you find one you like. It was at Hootsuite that I found the flavour I loved, and that flavour was trust.

Trust is the confidence you have in the decisions and abilities of your team, and knowing they think the same of you.

Without trust we can never push our boundaries, gain new experiences, and hone our expertise. It’s a difficult trait to quantify, but when you have the trust of your team, you can grow further into your skills and your career.

Hootsuite values the knowledge and insight of all engineers. We openly discuss our problems and seek the input of others. Through these open discussions, we come to trust each other. We may not always agree with the outcomes, but we trust each other’s decisions, and we know we’ll have the support of our team.

For my role, I’m part of a small team that is completely refactoring how we handle billing. It’s because of the support and backing of our other teams that such a small group can be trusted to take on such a mammoth task. Not many teams would give that kind of trust, but at Hootsuite it’s common place.

Does this sound like the environment for you? If you value trust in your team, please come find me at the Hootsuite booth. I’d love to chat.

Thank you

The most potent reasons to join a company always come from the people you’d be working with. For me, it’s the trust that we have in each other and it will beat foosball, ping pong, or beer-Friday every time. If this resonates with you, please check out our careers page or reach out to me on Twitter.

About the Author

mackenzieMackenzie Marshall is a back-end developer on the Billing team at Hootsuite. He loves talking about anything related to Scala, PHP, or craft beer. Get in touch via Twitter @MackMarshallVan.