You’ve heard the stories – mid-day Nerf battles, golf carts in the office, plaid shirts as far as the eye can see – but have you ever wondered what it’s REALLY like inside Hootsuite? Do we all have dogs and matching beards? Does craft beer run through our veins? How well do we code during yoga time?

Get answers to these questions and many more on August 12th during the #hootjobs Twitter chat!

What is #hootjobs? 

At Hootsuite, we do a lot of hiring. A few months ago, we launched #hootjobs on Twitter as an easy, interactive way for people to engage with our recruiting team. Prospects, job seekers, and the curious are invited to ask questions about job openings and life at Hootsuite, with our Talent team on hand to answer. This week is our first Departmental Spotlight and your chance to meet some of our Engineering team as they showcase their work, the people, the culture, and more.

Let’s Talk Engineering @ Hootsuite

On August 12th, Beier Cai and Geordie Henderson will be online to personally answer your questions about life in Engineering at Hootsuite. Beier is our Director of Technology (and was Hootsuite employee number 3), while Geordie is the VP of Engineering. What’s the difference? What are they looking for when they interview potential engineers? What do new hires work on when they start? Find out what you want to know.

All hands on deck for the Hootsuite Instagram launch!

How Do I Participate?

The special Engineering edition of #hootjobs takes place on Wednesday, August 12th, between 12 noon and 1pm PDT on Twitter. Be sure to follow @hootsuitelife and @hootsuiteeng, and use the hashtags #hootjobs and #hootsuitelife to follow along. You can expect a lively discussion about Engineering at Hootsuite, the positions we’re recruiting for, and a few secrets along the way. Hope to see you there!