The art of storytelling has existed since the dawn of time, and is one of the few things that has both changed drastically over the years and yet remains essentially the same. Technology has given us the printed word, theatre, movies and television, and more – but it can all be traced back to people gathering together to share experiences.

@mixhellereid shares her story - photo by @ivancouverite
@mixhellereid shares her story – photo by @ivancouverite

Hootsuite Labs is working to bring Vancouver’s tech community together to share stories about life in technology. Labs is the force behind some of our new products and initiatives such as the new Hootsuite Suggestions app and Hootlet, the Chrome extension that allows you to share content from anywhere you browse, and they’ve been very busy lately: in addition to their new blog, they’ve launched Venture This!: True Tales from the Tech Frontier with Rain City Chronicles. In their own words:

Venture This! is a live event series and podcast featuring real stories about life, love, and work experienced through tech-coloured glasses. Stories are told in front of a live audience, are 100% true, and offer a range of perspectives, from tech tycoons and young upstarts to the adventures and misadventures of total tech newbies. Every night reveals new insights into the strange and wonderful mysteries binding our connected world.

On Monday, June 29th, Venture This! had its inaugural event at Hootsuite HQ1. The topic was “Rejected!”, and featured storytellers from Vancouver’s large and diverse tech community sharing their stories of rejection in the tech world. These stories will soon be available as a podcast for you to enjoy, but in the meantime, check out the Tech Vibes review of the event:

The above is only a whisper of the richness of the personal accounts at the Venture This! event. With humour and honesty, the presentations provided relatable, cathartic, and cautionary stories of adversity, of external and internal origins, and coming out the other side alive.

Don’t miss out on the next Venture This! event! Sign up to be notified when the next session is announced, and come hear about the personal triumphs – and spectacular failures – from some of Vancouver’s best and brightest in tech.

Storytelling at Hootsuite! Photo by @mtippett
Storytelling at Hootsuite! Photo by @mtippett