Ow.ly is our URL shortening and click analytics service, and a critical part of Hootsuite because it handles several billion clicks a month. We love Ow.ly, and we’re delighted that our customers feel the same way – but the booming popularity of Ow.ly introduced scaling issues for our Engineering Team. We could have mitigated these issues by keeping with our current infrastructure and code framework, but it turns out that’s a lot of effort and not cost-effective. Instead, we searched for a solution that would allow us to scale Ow.ly, keep our AWS costs in check, and allow us to build new functionality … all while maintaining 100% uptime. Easy, right? Kinda :).

We turned to Typesafe’s Play Framework to refactor and scale Ow.ly’s services. Today, 100% of Ow.ly’s API, the web UI, and the URL redirect services are all running off the Scala-based framework.

After our successful relaunch, our friends at Typesafe produced a case study on our work, our research, and how we decided the Play Framework was the best solution to our scaling issues. Check out the case study to learn more, and visit the Typesafe blog for more innovative technology solutions.