On the 9th of May we hosted a Tech Talk in the Lounge of our Bucharest office, and the speaker was  Philip Stutz, Research Assistant at the University of Zurich.

Signal/Collect is a programming model with the following strengths:

  • Expressive enough to tersely formulate a broad range of graph algorithms
  • Can define both synchronous and dataflow-like asynchronous computations
  • Straightforward to parallelize/distribute

Philip introduced us in the Graph world and continued to climb the stairs of knowledge with us, topping it up with a live demo.

Some examples and tutorials together with a more stable version of Signal/Collect are available @ www.signalcollect.com, while the current development happens @ https://github.com/uzh/signal-collect.

We had a lovely crowd, and we received good feedback as you can see on our Meetup page.

See you next time!

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